Dishonest Contractors

Sadly, despite the licencing requirements put forward by the State of California (, we frequently run into potential clients who have had the misfortune of using either a dishonest licensed contractor, or an unlicensed company or individual.

Recently, JLH Construction worked for a client who had previously used what they believed was a legitimate contractor.  This firm even claimed to be a “preferred installer” for a popular siding brand.  We arrived to repair the damage caused by this firm when the homeowner was forced to throw them off the job.  The work that the other firm had done could only be described in one of two ways, either incompetence or just plain sloppy.

JLH Construction is very proud to have corrected the damage and shoddy work, and left the property with very happy satisfied clients.

Moral of the story is to always research your contractor.  Check the CSLB (, ask for references, drive by previous projects, etc.  If a “contractor” encourages you to not pull permits if they are necessary or promises you a great deal, that should raise red flags.  With contractors, the old saying, its too good to be true is sadly seen too often.

JLH Construction prides ourselves on being a company of the utmost integrity, professionalism and craftsmanship.  While we typically won’t be the lowest bidder, we will provide the top results in the end.