Myth of Holiday Time Projects

As contractors we frequently hear clients say, “holiday time is a bad time to undertake a remodeling project.”  While that may be true to people who are hosting parties and family, to people who may travel, or who can simply deal with a little inconvenience, the holiday season can be a great time to remodel.

Typically November and December are slower in the remodeling industry, which for a savvy client willing to cope with a little disruption in their home, can translate into significant cost savings.  With the decreased demand, labor and suppliers typically have increased availability and frequently decreased cost.  The dream finish that might otherwise be slightly out of reach may become attainable for a client who undertakes a holiday time project.

JLH Construction always takes the extra steps necessary to protect our clients living environment from unnecessary construction inconvenience, and we welcome the chance to build your dreams no matter what time of year.